Light for Any Path

“Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path.” (Psalm 119:105)


A profound truth struck me while reading our Associate Pastor Kyle’s last devotional for our church’s e-newsletter. It wasn’t the devotional itself (no offense, Kyle), excellent though that was; rather, it was the passage Kyle had chosen. Our church is using The Gospel Coalition’s Read the Bible Bible-reading plan this year, and he chose a passage from this week’s reading for his text. He did last time too, actually, drawing from Psalm 23.


A quick confession: although I am doing the plan, I had planned on doing something different with Psalms this year, so that’s the one part of the plan I’m not following. But that means you wouldn’t know that I’ve been drawing almost all of the texts for these devotionals from my private worship times too.


(That’s a lot of backstory to get to a profound truth, but I’m a preacher, so I’m under no obligations to brevity.)


So what is that profound and life-changing truth? Simply this: God’s Word speaks to our present circumstances, no matter the circumstances—and in many cases, no matter the passage! Looking for hope, encouragement, and exhortation in the midst of crisis? Well, if you’re in Ecclesiastes, you’ll probably find it in Ecclesiastes; if in Psalms, Psalms. You might even find it in Leviticus (and in retrospect, I’m wishing I’d done a devotional from Leviticus just so you’d believe me when I say that!).


But there’s another truth just to the side of this one. To let the Bible speak to our present circumstances—to light whatever path we’re on—we must commit ourselves to the hard work of listening well. We can’t simply read the text; we must study, meditate on, and delight in his Word—to let the text read us. What does this passage mean in context? As I examine myself in light of it, what sin do I need to confess? What does it call me to do in response? And, most importantly, how does it point to or proclaim Jesus?


God is speaking to us today through his Word. Listen well, and let that Word, in whatever passage, light your present path.

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