A Word to the WiseIt happens each day…a high school girl considers dating a non-Christian, young couples cross dangerous physical and emotional boundaries, students fail classes they could pass with ease given the effort, teenagers are locked in an eternal battle with their parents. Life is a swift succession of choices that will lead us even closer to or farther away from our Father in heaven.

Proving to be one of the most relevant books of the Bible for young adults, Proverbs addresses the major concerns of every teenager’s life—from sex to friendship, attitude to laziness—and does so with wit and vivacity. A Word to the Wise challenges teens with lessons learned in Proverbs and encourages them to choose God’s proven wisdom, instead of making choices that can lead to painful consequences.

Endorsements for A Word to the Wise

“As Brandon Cooper well notes, the book of Proverbs is meant to inform the young—and A Word to the Wise does just that. Cooper knows the book and knows students, and thus deftly opens the sections that bear directly on those who have so much of life ahead of them. This is a clear, accessible, lively study, perfect for small groups—as well as individual study.”

R. Kent Hughes, Senior Pastor Emeritus, College Church in Wheaton

“Swamped by choices?  This is a book that is earthy, practical and focused on the quest for wisdom.  Brandon plumbs the depths of the Proverbs to challenge us to live into our legacy of wise choices.   Teens are often wrongly second-guessed and undervalued—this is the guidebook for setting a sterling example and for rushing headlong into the holy pursuit of God’s plan for our lives.  Proverbs are tips, pointers and truisms that can light up your path. Brandon has flicked the switch on for everyone who is willing to walk this Proverbs road with him.”

Geordon Rendle, Latin American Regional Director, Youth for Christ International

“Brandon Cooper brings us a wonderfully useful resource that is approachable yet profound. Cooper displays deep understanding of this wisdom literature, yet comes alongside the reader as a friend and mentor.  Each chapter brings insight, not just summary; practical counsel, not just explanation. Brandon applies ancient wisdom to modern use, applying the inspired insights of almost 3000 years ago to the real issues students face today. You’ll come away from this study with a deep appreciation of the wisdom offered in crucial areas of life. Teachers will find this text well designed for engaging classroom discussion and practical dialogue. The book collects principles thematically and promotes reflection through challenging questions. The topics couldn’t be more important and timely for youth who are considering various kinds of ‘wisdom’ to live by. Teachers wanting to go deeper than a simple overview when covering The Book of Proverbs should consider A Word to the Wise.   Brandon Cooper offers teachers a great resource for impactful Bible teaching.”

David K. Wilcox, Ph.D., International Director, Latin America and Asia, Association of Christian Schools International

“Reading this book helped me make many wise decisions. We all have a tendency to let emotions rule our lives, which leads to many mistakes. In the midst of a personal struggle, reading this book helped me to understand what I needed to do. I had to look for wisdom and this book helped me find it.”

Cami, age 17

A Word to the Wise is inspiring especially in those times when wisdom is needed. It brings challenge and encouragement for the passive life. Refreshing for the heart, inspiring for the soul, challenging for the mind—I recommend this book to any teens in need of wisdom!”

Joshua, age 16

“As the parent of four college/high school students, I’ve come to more fully appreciate my personal need for wisdom!  In a well-organized, practical and – most importantly – faithfully Biblical approach, Brandon Cooper has presented an accessible and helpful resource tool for parents and their students.  Written from the perspective of someone who has benefited from the book of Proverbs and is young enough to identify with the issues my kids face, Brandon’s work has provided valuable help in our family discussions. The frequent use of personal examples provides a connection point for students, but it’s Brandon’s more frequent illustrations from Proverbs which speak clearly and timelessly.  Amy’s involvement in the book also adds a helpful point of view and clarity around the sometimes culturally difficult topic of gender roles, as well. I remember discussing the need for a book like this with Brandon years ago… the work produced will continue to be invaluable in highlighting and teaching God’s wisdom for young adults… and the parents who love them.”

Wes Wetherell, father of four teens

“Proverbs’  pearls of advice are strung together in strands that strike true to any young (or older) person.  Instead of the loose witty sayings that we often think of when we consider Proverbs, this book groups threads of advice and principles that challenge us to reflect on choices, priorities, habits and relationships.  A perfect companion for devotional time, a small group study or a class, this study of Proverbs truly guides us towards wisdom!  As a mom of two teens, a director of a secondary school and a seeker of knowledge in my personal life, I can easily recommend this book for those of us who need to grow in wisdom…and that should be all of us!”

Beth Afanador, mother of two teens