Take Up the Cross: A Devotional for Lent

A thorough contemplation of the cross, of Christ’s sacrificial work in our behalf, should be an essential experience of every Christian every year. So central are these themes to the Christian life that we must consciously pause to reflect upon them―and to yield ourselves more completely to God’s transforming presence in the process. Too often, however, this does not happen. Many in the church today neglect the Lenten season, perhaps because it has not the glamor and glitz of Advent. This is a gross oversight. To that end have I prepared this short devotional for individuals and families. Each day includes a reading from the Old and New Testaments, followed by a short devotional to help spur reflection on these grand themes of Scripture. Each week proceeds through a new topic that will help prepare our hearts for Christ’s passion, death and resurrection.


For families especially (though individuals may want to use them too) I have included a weekly verse for memorization related to the week’s topic. As Sundays will be the time to create a visual aid for the memory verse and learn the week’s hymn, I have included other activities only for the remainder of the week. These are meant to be suggestions only, and families should adapt or modify the ideas to the needs of their children specifically. I hope families are already having times of family worship together, and that this devotional is simply a supplement to that time. If you are not currently having family worship times together, here are some tips to get you started.


I pray this will be a time for individuals and families to grow closer to God (and to each other) as we fix our eyes on the crucified Christ and worship God in the splendor of his holiness and love. Soli deo gloria.