Praying for Your Child's Respect for Authority

King of Kings,
In these dark times, we find it difficult to submit ourselves to earthly powers. So often we convince ourselves that we know better and can choose a better way for ourselves. Ultimately, we rebel against the Supreme Authority, trusting in our flesh instead of your perfect will. Humble us, Lord, that we may bow before you with a glad surrender. As a stiff-necked and rebellious people, we know that we have modeled insolence and disrespect in many ways; may __________ learn better than we. Demonstrating complete trust in your sovereign will, may he/she submit to every authority instituted among men for your sake (1 Peter 2:13). There is no authority—from the highest government to the lowest servant—except that which you have established in your perfect wisdom (Romans 13:1). Teach __________ never to rebel against you, and consequently, never to rebel against those authorities instituted by you. In all his/her dealings with his/her parents, church leaders, teachers, and civil servants, may he/she exhibit absolute confidence in you.

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