Praying for God's Glory

Glorious One,
We know that your chief purpose in history is to glorify your name. When you created the heavens and the earth, you did so that they might declare your glory and proclaim your works (Psalm 19:1); when you formed a people to be your own, you did so for your glory (Isaiah 43:7) and so that they might proclaim your praise (Isaiah 43:21). When your people sin and you show restraint, you do so for the sake of your praise, that your glory will not pass to another (Isaiah 48:9-11); when the wicked sin and you give full vent to your wrath, you do so that you will gain glory for yourself (Exodus 14:4), that you might make known the riches of your glory to the objects of your mercy (Romans 9:23). When you predestine your children for adoption through Christ, you do so to the praise of your glorious grace (Ephesians 1:5-6); when you call a people out of darkness and into your light, you do so for your name's sake, to make your mighty power known (Psalm 106:8); when you plant us as oaks of righteousness in your garden, you do so for the display of your splendor (Isaiah 61:3). Our prayer for our child is simple, Lord. Whatever he/she does, may he/she do it all for your glory (1 Corinthians 10:31); with an undivided heart and single-minded devotion, may he/she live to glorify your name.

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